Safety PAL is a cloud-based H.S.E.Q application which provides business owners and managers an efficient and user-friendly way of managing health, safety, wellbeing, environment and quality.

Control Manage, Store, Retrieve

Antiquated health and safety cost businesses thousands. Safety PAL gives you the ability to track, manage, access and retrieve necessary information anywhere 24/7. Find everything in one place - Safety PAL links all your separate documents, policies and operations in one secure, cloud accessible location.

Direct Communication With All

Time wastage is high on any business agenda - and accidents can grind any business to halt. They often happen because vital information hasn’t been communicated effectively. Our unique alerting tool improves worker engagement and provides businesses the all important audit trail.

Easy Document Control

Document management is tedious and costs businesses thousands. Document control process lies at the heart of any business - Safety PAL not only helps with compliance, but also reduces inefficiency caused by poor document control.

Painless Reporting

When it comes to accident/incident reporting, less is sometimes more. Whilst more detail is available should you need it, in a full audible document trail - Safety PAL delivers concise, relevant HSEQ reporting without drowning you in piles of data.

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Plan ahead using real-time information to reduce time wasted on simple tasks. Using Safety PAL's technology, you can create and deliver induction and training videos in advance to improve employees/contractors knowledge and start working immediately.


Using appropriate communications, reducing errors in poor document control and consolidating business activities is how you hit the sweet spot for effective H.S.E.Q. Plan jobs effectively, giving the workers knowledge in advance, their time is more productive. The result is safer workers and fewer stand-downs.


Safety PAL allows businesses to meet their requirements with the Health & Safety at Work Act and mitigates injury claims by proving that your standards, processes, employee competence/training and quality is of the highest standard.

Available in 19 Different Languages

Translating your essential and critical safety information into the language of an individual worker is exceptionally hard for any business. It increases risk of accidents almost instantly - how can you be sure they have fully understood? Safety PAL allows you to communicate information in a worker's own language.

Real Time Data

Make quicker decisions based on better information. Safety PAL gives directors and managers organisation-wide visibility and up-to-the-minute data. With a few clicks of a button you can see which employees are signed in, what qualifications they have, on what tasks, and at which sites.

Cost Efficient Technology

As a rule, business improvements can generally achieved by adopting a more efficient technology. Safety PAL assists you in making the best possible use of your resources,  maximising outputs ultimately to reduce costs and improve your competitiveness.

Secure and Always Accessible

With no capital expenditure required, you can have everything backed-up to give you a paperless and common platform for all staff. Everything added to SafetyPAL is secured by SSL encryption, giving you confidence in a trusted system.

Flexible Pricing

With monthly subscriptions starting from just £110, Safety PAL's flexible pricing means that your company can benefit from these smarter working practices in 12 days.

Satisfaction is guaranteed – if you are not happy with the service, we promise to make it right.


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"I feel very privileged, and most importantly at ease to have such a knowledgeable and helpful expert at my beck and call. Thank you Safety PAL for all of your support and commitment to making our company a safer place to work."

- Lydia Brown, PPX Metal Management

"It's been really easy to get the safety information out to the employees because they've all logged on to the system... and we know they've read it and ticked they've understood it."

- Richard Fuller, County Battery Services

Continuous improvement of your business just got a whole lot easier.

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Safety PAL has a unique ability to get your business in a position to prove it has done everything practicably possible to prevent harm whilst increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

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